We manage risk.

We manage risk.

We provide solutions for the assessment
and mitigation of Na-Tech events

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SafePlant, a spin-off of the Department of Engineering of “Roma Tre” University, boasts a long-time international experience in scientific research and collaborations with the major players in the Oil & Gas field.

Our highly qualified engineers’ strong bond with the academic world enables them to benefit the company with regular scientific-technological updates and this works in the customer’s favour. Most of the activities that have been carried out by SafePlant’s engineers over the past few years concerned the assessment of the vulnerability and seismic risk of plant components, also including a laboratory validation of the models used and the development of new methodologies.

What we
can do
What we can do

Seismic hazard analysis

SafePlant offers site hazard assessment services considering one of the most feared natural events: earthquakes.

Na-Tech risk assessment

Na-Tech risk assessment of hazardous plants, pursuant to European directive 2012/18/eu (Seveso III).

Seismic vulnerability assessment

SafePlant offers a customized seismic vulnerability assessment service for industrial and civil buildings.

Scenario-based seismic hazard assessment

Evaluation of accidental seismic scenarios of dangerous plants pursuant to the European directive 2012/18/eu (Seveso III).

Seismic protection strategies

Design of seismic protection systems for civil and industrial buildings.

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We work with the best partners