Development of a new Fiber-based monitoring system for industrial components

The structural monitoring system and operating conditions proposed involves the use of fiber optic sensors and transducers based on Fiber Bragg Grating [FBG] technology interfaced to an optoelectronic control unit which is able to remotely acquire data sampled with FBG transducers, view them on video, record them locally or on a cloud server to make […]

European Project Induse-2-Safety (2014-2017)

Component fragility evaluation and seismic safety assessment of “special risk petrochemical plants under design basis and beyond design basis accidents, Grant No: RFS-PR-13056)

MSMART (2016-2018)

(Mitigazione del rischio sismico di impianti di processo con l’ausilio di sistemi Smart)– INAIL.

SPIF (2019-2020)

Seismic performance of multi-component systems in special risk industrial facilities